You will need a yoga mat, fitted exercise clothes.
Use on an empty stomach.
Optimum to use once daily.
Use daily before exercise, yoga or running or after having a bath, and you have suitably dried yourself. Use without oil.
Suitable for bodies 12 years of age +.

For those with injury, long-term health conditions, or pregnancy: please consult your doctor to confirm safety for yourself.

Lie down onto your yoga mat.

Bring your heels to your buttocks, so that they are at a right angle to your torso.
Lift your hips, and place your ‘RMO’ (Roll Me Open) underneath your tailbone, ensuring the peaks of your roller are on either side of the spine.

Then take a few deep breaths, gently lower your hips and place the full weight of your body onto your RMO.

Take at least two or three deep breaths, and allow your muscles in contact with your RMO to soften and relax.

Once you feel that relief and relaxation in your muscles, roll or move your RMO an inch up your spine, and repeat the process along your entire spine.

Once you reach your neck, move your RMO to the base of your skull and bring your chin down towards your chest. You can then very gently move your head a millimetre in each direction from side to side, to release the tension at the base of your skull.
To complete the Roll Me Open ritual, lift your head gently off the mat and remove your RMO. 

Rest your head back down on the yoga mat, relaxing for 30 seconds to five minutes. Be sure to drink plenty of water afterwards to hydrate.

How to get the best from your RMO:

It’s tempting to rush straight to your shoulders, but those pesky knots are born from tension in your lower back and hips. Time relaxing the lower torso will ease tension throughout the back and shoulders.
As you form a Roll Me Open daily ritual, you may notice a variation in the areas of tension up the spine. This can relate to your physical, emotional and energetic wellbeing. In order to understand these we may look to the energy centres of the body, called chakras.

If you experience tension….

Around the hips and tailbone (red), root chakra, think about structure in your life.
You could try wearing red and eating red foods and walking bare foot in nature.  

Lower back (orange) sacral chakra, think about boundaries in your relationship or career, make sure you are drinking enough water and avoiding drinks that dehydrate you like any caffeinated drinks or alcohol.  

Diaphragm (yellow), solar plexus, this relates to confidence and personal power, and owning and freeing those parts of yourself. Opening this area literally give you the freedom to breathe easier. 

Shoulder blades, (green) heart, this area relates to feelings of harmony, balance, detachment, so let go of things, feelings and situations that are no longer serving you. 

Top of your shoulders, (blue) throat, is all about speaking your truth, saying how you feel, asking for what you actually want. 

Base of the skull, (indigo/violet), relates to visualising your best self and highest purpose.

If you find your RMO is too deep to begin with, you can place a thick towel over your ‘Roll Me Open’ to soften the peaks for less pressure on your spine.

On first use of your RMO, you may experience some muscle soreness the following day. It is normal, as with any deep massage to experience tenderness the following day. This can be due to toxins and uric acid in the muscles being released, and with regular further use will be a thing of the past!

Once you are familiar with your Roll Me Open ritual, you can use the free 5-minute breathing exercise on to guide your practice or you can purchase a 20-minute version of the same breathing meditation to go deeper.