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Roll Me Open is a product for your spine, made with care, experience and passion. 

It’s been intuitively developed for 2 reasons.

Reason 1:

To support, release and open the muscles around your spine! 
This is a regular issue for you if you work:

Reason 2:

To be used as a self-referencing tool, gosh that sounds formal, but if you are a spiritual gangster who is always giving to others, (we’ve all been there but keeping the self care in check is vital !) using a Roll Me Open allows you to check in with yourself daily and see which areas of your spine or chakras need attention.

Being able to check in with yourself and get some feedback about which areas in your body you are holding will allow you to open the energy channels, release stuck emotions and keep your energy flowing better than ever before. 


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Roll Me Open opens your body by targeting the specific muscles that most commonly hold tension within your body. As you slowly roll over your Roll Me Open whilst breathing deeply, you are able to physically release the tension and open the latissimus dorsi, semispirialis capitis, splenius capitis, splenius colli, logissimus thoracis, mutidfidus and the trapezius muscles, which are the two most common muscles that become tight and hold tension around the spine.


It is a great warm up tool for your spine before or after your work out or after work to release the tensions of the day.

Light Travel

It’s light and travels easily, so you can even use it following flights or long car journeys


Roll Me Open is made out of ecologically sourced, hard woods, making it durable and long-lasting.


Each Roll Me Open roller is hand made and finished in Somerset England, and finished in  natural clear beeswax.


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Samantha Sharp


“Moving along the Roll Me Open – feeling it go deep into those hard to reach places, releasing pressure and opening me up – feels incredible. I cannot recommend the Roll Me Open highly enough. Thank you Roll Me Open team for creating such a unique, wonderful product!”

Harry Leng

“I have noticed a remarkable difference in my breathing and how open my chest is from loosening the muscles. It has made a huge difference to my running and mobility in the shoulders. It has worked wonders on loosening my lower back.”

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For Just $145

Limited Time Offer - Free World-Wide Shipping


Why is this a valuable asset to your wellbeing and health ?

– It’s more than just a chunk of wood! Designed as a result of 20 years of bodywork experience arriving with its very own lifetime guarantee.

– RMO is made from the most luxurious but sustainably sourced wood.

– It’s crafted by the hands of a father-daughter team in the heart of Somerset – dare I say it, I do – the heart chakra of the world, Glastonbury. Get your spine on this sexy block of wood shaped for you on a ley line – happy days – and align your spine with the heart chakra of the world. Or just relax and let the tension melt away using your breath…

In the words of one of Roll Me Open’s users:

I had been researching on your website as I was very keen to give it a try – like a kid with a new toy!!!

I hadn’t realised how much the RMO cost, but I decided to treat myself anyway. Although, I can now totally understand the price point, as it really is a sensationally crafted tool – I couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was when I opened it up!

I was completely blown away, seriously. I don’t ever indulge myself with anything – clothing, things, nothing – so it’s a real treat.

I have such terrible posture. I have a slight curve of my spine at the top, so I stoop way too much. Already, even after just one roll, I feel less rigidity in my shoulder blades and thus feel taller and straighter, if that makes sense…

I also weirdly feel a lot more energetic!!! I am starting in smaller bouts to get used to it, but for my first time I can say I feel a mega difference. Blood flow pumping, but not because of a racing heart! Increased circulation is good, as my circulation is awful!

I didn’t roll yesterday, and I can genuinely say that I feel I definitely need to use it today…

The RMO is the best thing to come out of 2020! And I wish I’d had it through the first lockdown tbh!!!

You could book a single decent deep tissue back massage for an hour at a cost of between $60 – $150, and have the pleasure of scheduling it, maybe a week after you need it, if you’re lucky.

And then the day comes and you get ready, have a shower, shave your legs, get dressed and travel to your massage therapist, sit in the waiting area, make small talk, reach that zen vibe – ah that was worth it ! Then you get back in your car, deal with traffic – and probably lose your zen-like bliss – have a shower to get the oil off you and book it in all over again.

Or for the same price as your massage or less….

You could have a tool in your home, and you can have a massage every day, even a couple of times a day if you needed it. You start to learn your body, open stubborn areas and release long-standing tension, achieve that zen-like bliss anytime you like, without having to get out of your pyjamas – or even wear anything at all. (But that’s up to you, of course. Wink.) No travel time, no traffic, no oil to wash off afterwards. Zen all the way!

I dunno, I love an in-person massage and will have a three-hour session once a month or so, but my Roll Me Open is a daily massage, meditation and check-in that is invaluable for my personal growth.
Does your spine deserve this time and attention?

Do you want to get your hands on what Yoga Magazine calls “the perfect tool…to open and become aware of your spine’s health?”


For Just $145

Limited Time Offer - Free World-Wide Shipping

Meet Savannah

The creator of Roll Me Open, Savannah Alalia, that’s me in the picture, I’ve been called a world renowned bodyworker, Habit Strategist, and Intuition Leadership Coach and I’ve been doing all these wonderful things for over 20 years. I created and developed the Roll Me Open tool to allow me and my clients to have the power of health in our own hands and to continue to open our spines between massages.

Simply put I would say your Roll Me Open gives you a simple and effective way to relax, open and check in with your spine daily. It’s a no brainer in terms of feeling good.




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