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Roll Me Open is a product that has been developed over several years for 2 reasons.

The first is to support the release and opening of the muscles around your spine, which is a major issue with so many people working hunched over a desk.

The second is to be used as a self referencing tool to check in with yourself daily and see which areas of your spine need attention.

The creator of Roll Me Open, Savannah Alalia, a world renowned bodyworker, Habit Strategist, and Leadership Through Intuition Coach for over 20 years, developed the Roll Me Open tool to allow clients to continue to open their spines between sessions.

Roll Me Open gives you a simple and effective way to relax, open and check in with your spine daily.

Roll Me Open opens your body by targeting the specific muscles that most commonly hold tension within the body. As you slowly roll over your Roll Me Open whilst breathing deeply, you are able to physically release the tension and open the Latissimus dorsi and the Trapezius muscles, which are the two most common muscles that are tight around the spine.

It is a great warm up tool for your spine before or after your work out or after work to release the tensions of the day.

Light Travel

It’s light and travels easily, so you can even use it following flights or long car journeys


Roll Me Open is made out of ecologically sourced, random hard wood, making it durable and an item for life.

Hand Made

Each Roll Me Open roller is hand made and finished in a natural clear Beeswax in Somerset, England.

Samantha Sharp

“Moving along the Roll Me Open – feeling it go deep into those hard to reach places, releasing pressure and opening me up – feels incredible. I cannot recommend the Roll Me Open highly enough. Thank you Roll Me Open team for creating such a unique, wonderful product!”
Samantha Sharp

“Wow! What an amazing piece of equipment this is…it’s like having a mini-Savannah in the room with you. Tough, knotty, tight issues seem to fade away as you melt onto and over this fabulous lovely designed piece of wooden heaven!”
Tina White

Tina White

“I can breathe again! In an expanded and deeper way. A deep, powerful massage that my back really needed. Thank you!”
Kerry Ann Smith

“It’s true movement meditation. Amazing. I finally can massage my back on my own. Pure pain relief and relaxation. Love it.”
Irena Kirn

Irena Kirn

“I have noticed a remarkable difference in my breathing and how open my chest is from loosening the muscles. It has made a huge difference to my running and mobility in the shoulders. It has worked wonders on loosening my lower back.”
Harry Leng

Your Roll Me Open is numbered and a collectable item.

Roll Me Open is a tool you can keep in your home on display for easy access and daily use. Your Roll Me Open looks beautiful as well as being a practical and amazing tool to support you feeling more relaxed around your spine. Once you begin using it regularly, you’ll be able to breathe more freely and start or finish your day well.